S.No.  Name of Faculty  Name of Patent  Status
 1.   Dr. Anil Kumar, Deptt.  of  Energy  Modified Greenhouse Dryer,  Application  No. 783/MUM/2013.  
 A, Official Journal of the Patent Office Issue No.  36/2013 dated  06/09/2013, International Classification  F26B19/00
 2.  Dr. Prashant Baredar,  Deptt. of Energy  Reconfigurable Mechanism for Wind  turbine Blades.

 1790/MUM/2014, Publication Date : 06/06/2014,  Journal No. -  23/2014



 Dr. M.S. Chauhan,  Deptt.  of Civil Engg.  Aspergillus niger V-8 (IITB),  Registration  No. NCIM-1353,  Registered at NCL, Pune


 Dr. Mukul Kulshrestha,  Deptt. of Civil Engg.  Laser based Leak Detection in  Sewers.  Under Process/ Filled
 Dr.Gajendra Dixit,  Dr.Savita Dixit &  Vijesh  verma
 Improved method of producing fuel  like  liquid from waste plastic.  Filled : 128/MUM/2014 Under Process
 6.  Dr.Gajendra Dixit  Transmission assembly to  accelerate  speed of bicycle.  Filled :1375/MUM/2014 Under Process
 Dr.Gajendra Dixit,  Dr.A.Rehman
 End Joint for Manually Operated  Handloom  Frame.  Filled :2562/MUM/2011 Under Process
 Dr.Gajendra Dixit,  Dr.A.Rehman
 Modified Slay Unit for Manually  Operated  Handloom Frame.  Filled :2563/MUM/2011 Under Process
 Dr.Gajendra Dixit,  Dr.A.Rehman
 Break Drum Test Rig.  Filled :2564/MUM/2011 Under Process
 Dr.Savita Dixit
A herbal formulation.
Filled : 806/MUM/2014 Under Process
 11.  Dr.Savita Dixit  Method Of Making Biodegradable  Natural  Fiber Composite Using  Cow  Dung.  Filled : 1569/MUM/2014 Under Process
 12.  Dr.Savita Dixit  A biodegradable composite and  method  thereof.  Filled : 4027/MUM/2014 Under Process
 13.  Dr.Savita Dixit  Improved method of waste water  treatment through Eichhornia  Crassipes.  Filled : 2711/MUM/2014 Under Process
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